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Heritage Business & Fiduciary Services provides sound, trustworthy stewardship over the personal and financial affairs of our clients. We are passionate about providing honest, professional assistance to our clients, always with integrity, compassion, respect, confidentiality, and reliable judgment.



Scott C. Tolstad, of Heritage FiduciaryScott Tolstad, a native Southern Californian, has over thirty years of business and legal experience. Scott graduated from the University of Southern California, summa cum laude, and he obtained his law degree from Boston University. He became a Member of the California Bar Association in 1982, and has worked in the San Diego County area for the past twenty years.


Scott worked as a general legal counsel for two San Diego companies for eighteen years. Prior to that, he owned and managed a retail business for ten years.


Mr. Tolstad had worked for the Escondido Police Dept for 20 years retiring in 2021 as a Financial Crimes Investigator.  During this time, he was assigned to the Detective Bureau Financial Crimes Unit, where he investigated monetary crimes, many of which involve criminal breaches of fiduciary duty. Financial crimes include embezzlement, identity theft, credit card fraud, and various confidence schemes. Scott has been certified by the California Financial Crimes Investigators Association as a Fraud Investigator.


Scott has direct experience acting as a fiduciary and he exemplifies the highest standards of ethics and honesty. Clients can be assured that entrusting the stewardship of their personal and financial care to Heritage will be one of the best decisions an individual can make.




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